Thursday, March 2, 2017

Radio Personality Tina Wright is rocking with MALK NAZ's music

Host of the popular PERSON TO PERSON Radio show on the BRPP Network Tina Wright is certainly loving Malk Naz's music!  This is what she had to say about the rising young artist. 

Malk Naz, people should really listen to his music and take him serious. He is coming hard and means business.  - Tina Wright

Indeed Indeed

Malk Naz will also be a guest on PERSON TO PERSON with Tina Wright on March 7th at 8:00 PM EST!  Tune in by going to

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

D-Hud (the artist featured on TARZAN) will be a guest on BLACKTOPIA ROUND TABLE TALK RADIO

Rapper D-Hud (the artist featured on MALK NAZ's "Tarzan" single) will be a guest on Blacktopia Round Table Talk Radio TONIGHT (Tuesday Feb. 21st) at 9:00 PM EST with hosts Barbara the Cuntry Cleaning Lady, Some Guy Named Jay and Adrienne Charleston!  Tune in and listen on your phone by dialing 516 387 1219 or by visiting

Sunday, February 19, 2017

MALK NAZ will be a guest on MAFIA LIVE Radio tonight (Feb. 19th)

Rapper MALK NAZ will be a guest on MAFIA LIVE RADIO hosted by Sangria TONIGHT (Feb. 19th) at 8:00 PM EST.  Call the number 480 442 9558 to tune in and listen from your phone!

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Join MALK NAZ's "Hangout Spot" on Facebook

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Now fans and supporters of rapper MALK NAZ can rally and assemble in his new facebook group titled THE HANGOUT SPOT here at the direct link below!  Meet up with other fans and discuss shows, and mingle with each other.  Also get updates on MALK NAZ's music, tour dates and more!

Thursday, February 2, 2017

MALK NAZ is rocking with BE CHAP BEATS!

Rising Independent rap recording artist MALK NAZ is loving the tracks from BE CHAP BEATS.  In a recent appearance on Blacktopia Presents Round Table Talk Radio, host Some Guy Named Jay suggested that MALK NAZ should take a listen to some of BE CHAP BEATS and stated that the rapper would sound real good over his beats....... after getting the chance to review some of the tracks on display at this is what Malk Naz had to say in response. 

"Be Chap Beats, sum it all up to this man, buy it, don't talk back, don't look at nobody, take it to the stu, open it up and just work, I swear you won't be disappointed.  This young young work of art is going very far places, and I would love if a few of those places were to work with me, hint hint, (laughs) but I love his craft and work and I can't wait to purchase a beat myself" - Malk Naz


Listen to BE CHAP BEATS for yourself at this direct link

Wednesday, February 1, 2017